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How does colour affects your exercise?

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Are you aware that the choice of colours you choose today gives others rough impression of you? According to scientific research, it is true! People only take 7 seconds to judge you and 70% of people actually make this judgement based on looks, which means what you are wearing actually makes an impact on their evaluation of you.

They say that the colours wear is a representation of your personality. It tells others a little about you and a rough idea of how you function as a person.

Not sure of what colours best reflects you or curious to find out the meaning of your favourite colour? Read on to find out!Sports Bra Black

  1. Black

Black means power and control. Wearing black can imply self-control and discipline, independence and a strong ill, giving an impression of authority and power. People who like lack may be conventional, conservative or serious. Give black a go if you need to be determined and strong in your will to exercise.

Spots Bra White

  1. White

White is the purest colour of all. It is the colour of perfection, purity, innocence, wholeness and completion. White can offer protection and encouragement, helping alleviate emotional upsets. It creates a sense of order and efficiency, a great help if you need to declutter your life. Opt for white to achieve maximum efficiency and focus in your sports.

Sport Bras Blue

  1. Blue

Blue is a spiritual colour that connected to the sky or sea. It has the healing power to encourage restful sleep, relieve headaches, alleviate asthma and keep you calm and relaxed. It’s an excellent colour to wear if you need more clarity and focus or while meditating. Pick blue to keep you cool headed and at peace during your workouts.

  1. Purple

Purple is a colour that can connect you with your higher purpose, increase your psychic, intuitive and spiritual abilities and push you to achieve greater things in life. Like blue, purple is great for mediation and can offer solitude and relaxation for many. Choose purple should you need an extra bit of motivation to last you through your exercise regime.

Sports bra red

  1.  Red

Red is a warm and positive colour associated with a strong and power masculine energy. It is energizing and excites the emotions, motivating us to take action. It signifies a pioneering spirit and leadership qualities, promoting ambition and determination. Settle on red for more energy and strength to push through your daily workouts.

  1. Orange

Orange promotes enthusiasm and positivity, although less fiery than red. It gives off a sense of well-being, boosts your immunity, encourages and revitalises you. It is a creative colour for people who wants to express themselves without worrying what others think. Select orange for more positivity and try out new things among your workout routine.

Sports bra orange

  1. Yellow

Yellow is a bright and cheerful colour. It stimulates the mind, increases intellectual ability, encourages happiness and improves well-being. This vibrant colour helps people to be inspired, be creative and most of all, keep you awake even when you are feeling sluggish. Adopt yellow to keep you happy and vitalised in your workout always.

Sports Bra Pink      8.Pink

Who doesn’t love pink! The girly colour that makes us snug into it. Makes us feel sweet , nice, charming and dazzling romantic. It hypes up our energy and keeps our mood in universal love. Pink will never go wrong for a cardio or dance workout.

Beginning to exercise can be tough, but it gets easier and more fun as time goes on.

Signing off with a quote:

You are only one workout away for a better mood ahead for the day!