Tear Drop Jelly Foundation Sponge


Available in oval, teardrop and pink blossom.
2.5 X 1.8 inch

Stylish teardrop shape is perfect for blending all over the face including cheeks, forehead, chin , neck and nose!

  • Silicone makeup sponge makes liquid foundation stippling and blending look incredible. 
  • Apply a drop of foundation or concealer on your face and start tapping and blending in. Saves your make up cost with jelly sponge.
  • Keeps your makeup flawless and easy application! Please do not rip of the plastic coat as it will damage the jelly sponge.
  • To clean, use a mild soap or face wash with warm water. Pat dry and it is ready to use again! Keep away from sharp objects like scissors and tweezers in your makeup bag! 
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