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8 Black Sportswear Pieces to Rock and Look Stylish

Black is the classiest color when it comes to activewear, and these days it’s anything but boring. Looking on point is always important, even when you are visiting the gym. If you’ve been trying to find the perfect workout pieces for the season, we’ve got you covered. Here are Hypegem’s 8 Black Sportswear Pieces to Rock and Still Look Stylish.

It doesn’t really matter if you are going to the gym, working out at home or having a great yoga session. If you choose a cute outfit, that will make you even more motivated to work out more often. So we put together a short list of sportswear pieces, that are both chic and trending at the same time. Don’t think twice before adding them to your shopping cart.

Sports bras are an essential part of every workout outfit. These days they are not only available in many different colors, but they are also chic. Starting with simple, plain black designs, playful silhouettes with multiple straps, you can’t go wrong with any of the styles of sportswear. Get ready to shop from our diverse collection of sports bras. We’re pretty sure you’ll end up having a hard time in choosing only one style.

Bomain Sports Bra – $15.90

bomain sports bra black


Classic Sports Bra – $15.90

Hypegem Classic sports bra black front

The second piece you can get playful with is leggings. Aside from the simple designs, you can always opt for something more vibrant. The choices include leggings with added mesh details, chic colorful stripes, and even side cutouts. Since you don’t want your gym look to be boring, better get a pair that really stands out. Even if you rock multicolored leggings with a multicolored top, your outfit will still be on point. For the ones who are not huge fans of these tight garments, they can always choose a pair of track pants. Another way to go is rock chic shorts. They are ideal for warm days.


Magnum Yoga Compression Leggings – $22.50

Hypegem magnum yoga leggings

Side Pocket Mesh Active Leggings – $18.90

side mesh pocket black active pants 6


Tan Skirt – $13.90

All the ladies that love layering will need a chic top to match the bra and leggings. When you are going with an all-black ensemble, you might want to add a hint of color. That is why your top can include bright, neon colors, aside from the classy black. Another huge hit from our store is the mesh cropped shirts, that will compliment every single look. When you have that special sports bra, that you simply don’t want to hide under a shirt, sheer, mesh crops are the ideal option for you. 

Colour block cami – $23.90

Colour Block Tank top black back

Outer Mesh Topper – $10.90

Hypegem active mesh shirt black

Lumi Mesh Shirt – $13.90

Hypegem Lumi Mesh black shirt
Many girls choose black as their favorite color when it comes to activewear pieces. These garments are usually not see-through, and they won’t make you feel uncomfortable by showing sweat spots after a hard workout. And remember, black is such a happy color, all you need is the right sportswear pieces. Make sure that whatever you choose, makes you feel comfortable in your own skin.

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How does colour affects your exercise?

Colour Bras


Are you aware that the choice of colours you choose today gives others rough impression of you? According to scientific research, it is true! People only take 7 seconds to judge you and 70% of people actually make this judgement based on looks, which means what you are wearing actually makes an impact on their evaluation of you.

They say that the colours wear is a representation of your personality. It tells others a little about you and a rough idea of how you function as a person.

Not sure of what colours best reflects you or curious to find out the meaning of your favourite colour? Read on to find out!Sports Bra Black

  1. Black

Black means power and control. Wearing black can imply self-control and discipline, independence and a strong ill, giving an impression of authority and power. People who like lack may be conventional, conservative or serious. Give black a go if you need to be determined and strong in your will to exercise.

Spots Bra White

  1. White

White is the purest colour of all. It is the colour of perfection, purity, innocence, wholeness and completion. White can offer protection and encouragement, helping alleviate emotional upsets. It creates a sense of order and efficiency, a great help if you need to declutter your life. Opt for white to achieve maximum efficiency and focus in your sports.

Sport Bras Blue

  1. Blue

Blue is a spiritual colour that connected to the sky or sea. It has the healing power to encourage restful sleep, relieve headaches, alleviate asthma and keep you calm and relaxed. It’s an excellent colour to wear if you need more clarity and focus or while meditating. Pick blue to keep you cool headed and at peace during your workouts.

  1. Purple

Purple is a colour that can connect you with your higher purpose, increase your psychic, intuitive and spiritual abilities and push you to achieve greater things in life. Like blue, purple is great for mediation and can offer solitude and relaxation for many. Choose purple should you need an extra bit of motivation to last you through your exercise regime.

Sports bra red

  1.  Red

Red is a warm and positive colour associated with a strong and power masculine energy. It is energizing and excites the emotions, motivating us to take action. It signifies a pioneering spirit and leadership qualities, promoting ambition and determination. Settle on red for more energy and strength to push through your daily workouts.

  1. Orange

Orange promotes enthusiasm and positivity, although less fiery than red. It gives off a sense of well-being, boosts your immunity, encourages and revitalises you. It is a creative colour for people who wants to express themselves without worrying what others think. Select orange for more positivity and try out new things among your workout routine.

Sports bra orange

  1. Yellow

Yellow is a bright and cheerful colour. It stimulates the mind, increases intellectual ability, encourages happiness and improves well-being. This vibrant colour helps people to be inspired, be creative and most of all, keep you awake even when you are feeling sluggish. Adopt yellow to keep you happy and vitalised in your workout always.

Sports Bra Pink      8.Pink

Who doesn’t love pink! The girly colour that makes us snug into it. Makes us feel sweet , nice, charming and dazzling romantic. It hypes up our energy and keeps our mood in universal love. Pink will never go wrong for a cardio or dance workout.

Beginning to exercise can be tough, but it gets easier and more fun as time goes on.

Signing off with a quote:

You are only one workout away for a better mood ahead for the day!


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Practising yoga with the right sports bra?

article Yoga

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Sports bra is essential to any yogis in the world. Yoga is becoming increasingly popular among adults, even children nowadays. New studies shows that certain mind-and-body practices, such as yoga, can help people manage pain and reduce their stress levels. We love the crow pose and downward facing dog but the correct sports bra plays a part in enhancing our optimal comfort through those poses. 

The first step to yoga is to always dress comfortably yet be in the proper attire. You definitely do not want to end up in something that makes you focused on the attire instead of your workout! The correct material to go about the attire is spandex, mixed with polyester. Most active wears include these two materials. Spandex is especially elastic and stronger than natural rubber, which makes it perfect for yoga sport. The higher the spandex composition in an active wear, the better the quality of the material. Now, that is something worth looking out for when choosing your sportswear!

Before deciding on a sports bra for yoga, you have to understand the types of different sports bras out there since different bras offer different purposes. Here are some guidelines to choosing your perfect sports bra:

3. The fit should hug your body shape.

Opt for a sports bra that is more fitting to your body shape and not loose. You certainly want to be able to move around comfortably yet not worry about the coverage. To find out if the sports bra fits around you snugly, try to place a finger under the supportive lower cuff of the bra, and it should be tight without cutting into your skin. The stretch will increase overtime as the bra is used, so go tighter when in doubt.

Women doing yoga with sports bra

2. It should offer support.

A good sports bra should not have underwire, because it would cause abrasions when you move, possibly hurting your ribs and skin. Instead, the support should come from an elasticated band that sits below your chest. There should be firm padding to keep your chest in place even when you move as well.

Women wearing sports bra Nowadays, sports bras also comes in racer back forms and cross back forms. These designs offer more support on the back and pushes your chest up, so they will feel more tighter and secure for exercises. Thicker straps would tend to offer better support as well.

However, should you want something with lower support opt for a sports bra similar to your standard bra. Medium or lower support bras tend to be more lightweight too.

Women wearing sport bra Black Grey Wrap bra

3. The fabric should be breathable.

When you are bound to sweat, you would definitely want to look at fabrics that are sweat-resistant or dry-fit, so that more ventilation can get through when you are doing your hard core workout. Be sure to look out for materials such as spandex, polyester, elastane or Lycra. 

Women wearing sports bra

4. Find something that you personally like.

Lastly, be sure to get a sports bra of your choice! Nothing beats feeling confident yet comfortable in what you are wearing. The choice of sports bras can be linked to your personality, and that’s what’s makes sports fun! Relish in your own beauty and have fun picking your preferences!

They say the colour of your clothes can be a reflection of your personality. Sometimes, you just cannot decide which colour to get! Read on for the post for the colour that suits you the best.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column]